Ask something in game can cause you getting BAN?

i was very new in Air/SB, i always playing RB/AB before, since this event i try to play Air/SB, and i find out i was an very terrible player in normal fighting air to air (alos because i was always play at striker aircraft), and till i join a Sim match, players in chat they say “let’s go PVE” or “PVE”

so i feel like “huh, i can do my task easier this match, go for ground traget, airfield or something”

so i think the match is base on “PVE mode” and i just get shotdown by a enemy, and i said “PVE?” , “bro, this is PVE” and “what an nice day” and leave the match, then i got 30 days Ban, due to “discussion of unsporting conduct and/or abuse of game mechanics”

i was trully believe that match was sim pve match… i don’t know that will make me fall in this situation.

I believe that I am a player who abides by the rules of the game. In my impression, I have never had my account banned due to TK, let alone a chat room ban.

I checked the user terms and they said this situation (30 day ban) was because I had violated the same thing 5-9 times, but in my mind I had never been banned like this…

and the user terms said “10 time alfter, the entire account may be banned permanently” that’s really scare me out… i already paid this game very much time and money, i don’t expect unban the chat, Because I realize that maybe it’s unfair to ask questions about PVE.

but it says “10 time alfter, the entire account may be banned permanently” and i just got first bannd and it’s 30day, that mean in staff side, i might already did that 5-9 time, my account was in danger, and i don’t know should i keep playing or just quit, i don’t want get “permanently banned” and lose my all things…

and alos i think this is unfair for me… the people who said “PVE” are still can talking in other battle, and the one who just believe them gets bannd, i also try report thier chat in game, but seems nothing work… so can someone please tell me, will i lose my whole account?

because the terms of use didn’t help me, i’m sure i didn’t gets bannd like this before, and it terms saids i got 30days bannd means i already did this like 5-9 times, thanks for yall reading this long text, and i’m sorry for that, i was really freak out…

Thing is the gamemode isn’t PvE… Those who peddle that PvE nonsense are exploiting the room benefits and playing on the idea that people won’t ‘object’ because it benefits them.

They are breaking the rules because they are colluding with the enemy to make the game, not play as it should be.

You may have just been caught up in the ignorance side of it, but these players who are ‘promoting’ this ‘PvE’ play, are the ones who need to be banned, and acted upon.

((As for your ban, you gotta hit up some GMs and query it…))


yeah i see a lot player are doing PVE room asking, and now i know it’s unfair to asking, but when i move to the next match, saw people are “botting” (i don’t know that word before), that match got a player with chinese character, and like 5-6 player on my side, they are afk in airfield, that chinese just fly in and shot the S-25O rocket, easy gets 6kill, Including me, cuz i just respawned, when they got 2-30kill, they leave, other player on my side are asking “so, this is botting?” “are bots leaves?” and i can’t reply them “i’m here, i’m doing task” cuz the bannd, i feels really bad

at that moment, don’t know somehow, i feels like i’m not just terrible at game skill, i’m also an terrible person because I cannot reply “that i’m not bot” and that chinese player just got like 3 kill on me in runway…

You’ve been around them for way too long to have this kind of knowledge about it just saying…

You do need to approach the GMs, as I myself have commented on other threads that this situation has popped up in, and really, I’d have thought the GMs would’ve gone extra hard on those who were doing this, in a more coordinated manner rather than just picking up randoms.


thanks and sorry, because I have never used the forum and am not a native English speaker, so i might really don’t have that much knowledge about this all, and the only thing that i can sure is i just ask PVE not asking they gives me a PVE room, and didn’t like them to gets the airfield kills with friends for fast pointing… or anything like unfair, all i do is like what i said in post… thank you again ;)

and sorry again, how did i approach the GM?

This is your goto, drop them a message and see how you get on.

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thanks, that is very helped, i’ll do it now, thank you for your patience, gives you my sincerest blessings.

As FlyingDoctor said earlier - please send a PM to Game Master and discuss your punishment in private. Thanks!

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