Asian Players on NA server

Every single battle I get into on the NA server after like 5pm PDT is almost entirely Asian players. Why is this? Almost none of them speak English so its next to impossible to effectively communicate with my team during battle. Is it because im in CA or am I just really unlucky with match making this last month? Like I dont mind them but id really like to be able to talk to my team mates during battle. The lack of ability to effectively communicate with the rest of my team is driving me nuts. At top tier ground realistic I feel like its a pretty essential part of the gameplay to be able to communicate with your team members and just pinging the map isint really that effective all the time.


SA server is unstable rn so, Asian players plays NA.

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It seems like thats been a problem since October though have they said anything about when SA is going to be fixed or come back in the server selection list?

I agree. I get about 300/600ms ping on SA server.

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That is up to Gaijin.