ASCOD 2 MMBT-HITFACT 120mm turret

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ASCOD (Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development) is a collaboration between Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG of Austria and Santa Bárbara Sistemas of Spain, both now divisions of General Dynamics. This collaboration was born for the production of new armored fighting vehicles to replace the old vehicles of the Austrian and Spanish armies, over time these productions have aroused the interest of other countries by giving birth to new collaborations. During Eurosatory 2018, General Dynamics European Land Systems presented a new variant of the ASCOD 2, with the ASCOD 2 MMBT main medium tank, with a gross vehicle weight of 42 tons, is equipped with the Italian Leonardo Defense Systems HITFACT 120mm turret. This is also armed with a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, another pintle-mounted 7.62mm and a 12.7mm remote gun emplacement on the roof. The 120mm smoothbore gun is coupled to a computerized fire control system, with the commander and gunner equipped with stabilized day/thermal sights incorporating a laser rangefinder. The engine is respectable, it is made up of a MTU V8 199 T21 twin-turbocharged Diesel engine which develops a power of 820hp which allows the vehicle to reach 70km/h, the Renk HSWL 256 transmission is also remarkable with 6 forward gears and 6 reverse gears.The ballistic protection is of a high standard for the weight of 42 tons, due to its low weight it has aroused interest especially in Far Eastern countries whose operating environment puts a strain on MBTs of 60 to 70 tons. Sure this vehicle would be a lot of fun to play in War Thunder maps, I hope it will be added very soon.

Specifications - Performance:
ASCOD 2 MMBT -Specifications - Performance




Hard to say where this would go, but I want it nonetheless. Maybe Italy, as the turret is Italian and other Spanish vehicles are already in the Italian TT? +1

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Pure eye candy, +1 Spanish or possibly in Iberian Tech Tree.


@JamesPond1200 I think since it is collaboration between Austria and Spain it could actually go into both tech trees (germany and italy). But maybe for some variety Gaijin could add the 120mm main gun version into one and the version with 30mm autocannon/atgms into the other one


That’s fair. It’d be a welcome addition to both!

How Germany comes from that? lol

And both are also bought out divisions of GDLS, which is based in Reston Virginia, USA. Lol.

Do you know what a multinational company is?

General Dynamics was founded in Connecticut.

You still don’t understand.

By that logic the UK would get the Bradley as well as the M8 Mobile Protected Firepower vehicle.

Meanwhile people saying this goes to Germany because its Austrian lmao

It was a joke on my part that turned into semantics apparently

This tank belongs nowhere as of right now, unless we want to pull the GDLS trick

Fair enough, I agree vehicles in-game should only be in TT’s they have a connection too. Austria is not an excuse and for a similar such reason I do not agree with the T-90S Bhishma and I think it should’ve been the Challenger Falcon.

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So the Italian production turret which is 50% of the vehicle counts for nothing?

And 50% spanish hull and there is already a spanish vehicle on italian tech tree so 2+2=4