Asagao displacement

Does anyone know the reason why does Asagao have over 200 tons more displacement than other LCS ships? It’s not larger, doesn’t have more armor, or anything like that. I found barely any info online.

I found only Japanese wikipedia, where it does say it’s 450 tons full load displacement.
Along with this website, where only info I could really find was that the fuel was supposed to weigh 76 tons.

Both links I found in this old suggestion.


Found this, from one of wikipedia references:
丸スペシャル No73 護衛艦くす型/警備艇ゆり型』T44-10/丸スペシャル 海上自衛隊艦艇シリーズ 1983年3月 No.73 護衛艦くす型 警備艇ゆり型 クスなら かし もみ ぶな けやき あさがお とち(船舶)|売買されたオークション情報、yahooの商品情報をアーカイブ公開 - オークファン(

It lists 305t as the mass, it is still 60 t above Alano and LCS.

here you have that “The Landing Craft Support (Large) LCS(L) is a shallow draft steel hull gunboat 158’-0” long with a beam of 23’-3”displacing 387 tons full loaded, 250 tons light load”

So I guess the japanese article mentions rounded up full load and therefore Asagao had light load of 250tones too.

You can try bug reporting it, maybe that will help

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You’re probably right, displacement for LCS(L) boats should probably be between 387 and 400 tons. Most online sources I found state exactly what you said, 387t full, 250t light load. If Asagao and other boats of her class had 60 tons extra for some reason (I’d still be curious why though), it would make sense with full displacement being 450 tons.

Does displacement even affect performance of a vessel in game though? Like survivability and manouverability? I’m probably going to make the bug report anyways, I think it’d be fair if all were treated equally, especially since they are essentially the same boats.

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No no, Im pretty sure 305 in the article is full displacement (or maybe maximal they have used) and then 250 light load would apply to asagao too.

Huh, what do you mean? 305t is listed in the picture as “Standard displacement”.

You cited the article “387 tons full loaded”.

oh sorry I don’t know japanese so I was guessing 305 might be a medium load they used