As someone that do not play Aircraft , the new "toolboox" gacha box gave me a plane i needed lol

I was using a rank 2 plane before the game decided to give me this plane and honestly i think is a really good CAS , i don’t even know how to play CAS , i just use planes to kill other planes when they are annoying.


Holy canoli, congrats

Only things ive gotten from these types of boxes are Class 3P Leo 2AV, Zriny all of which i owned already

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thanks , i think now i can actually start grinding planes when i need it

Nice! How many did you open?

i only had 3mill , i opened 27 and got back 1mill and this plane , i guess was “worth it”

Edit: nvm

Yeah its the Leopard 2AV the one with the 105 and weird looking frontal composite

Gave me this crap, i don’t even play naval :(
War Thunder Screenshot 2024.04.08 -

Congratz!! Enjoy it.

On one hand, I’ve never really played China…
On the other, maybe I should start a ROC/Taiwan only challenge :]

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Why are so many people getting lucky lately? In 11 years I never received any vehicles from these boxes.

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Very lucky, that’s the vehicle I want. I bought 40+ and only got a decal…

F-100F is actually super fun. I highly recommend it.

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Damn. If you don’t want it, I wish you could give me it. I’ve been after that thing for a while.

Snail: “mission accomplished. MUhahahahahhaa.”

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5.7? please help taking out Lancasters and Pe-8 so they can’t bomb 10 tanks per pass, bro

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I got the Pakpuma from a sl crate a while back lmao
Which was cool as hell tbh, even though I rarely use it. (Arcade + skill issue go brr)

Would certainly make for an interesting challenge, NGL

But the F-100F seems neat, never seen anyone use it in the frak-around custom battles I play often so it’ll be fairly unique :>

Maybe you gave bad reviews and were marked by Gaijin lol so they put you into a group players who also gave bad reviews like me, so we will never receive any vehicle drops bro

It’s over for us.