Artillery survivability is absurd

a subject that i would like to know what other people think regarding the absurd survivability of artillery pieces in war thunder (ex:vidar,m109s,etc) , footage after footage after footage from a modern conflict shows how vulnerable artillery actually is to mere tiny drones the size of your PC screen , the mere hit of said drones causes them to blow to kingdom come , but back to war thunder , somehow in this game defying everything logical an artillery piece survives not just APDS, APFSDS , but also HEAT-FS and ATGMS , which is absurd really i doubt in any worldly scenario would an artillery piece survive an ATGM hit but that happens in this game too often to count it.
solution ? nerf the HP (slider) of all artillery ammo rack and charge stowage module and hits from HEAT-FS and ATGMS should cause more dmg than just a stream line of heat jet that barely kills a single crew man


I wouldnt normally notice this but to your point I shot a Type 99 in the ammo rack twice (consecutive shots) and both times all it did was turn the ammo black and never detonated. Super Annoying.


Gaijin doesn’t model shell models different, the ammo detonation chance of ammo in a Stuart Light tank is the same as a Leopard 2A7.

The consequence of this is when a 155mm HE shell is grazed by shards of APDSDS it doesn’t detonate.


Some ammo hit boxes in the hit cam are rendered even though they are not occupied by any rounds.
Projectiles are much less volatile than propellant. This is supposed to be modelled, but you know… Gaijin.

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In my case is was solid shot direct across the broadside of their ammo. Two shots turned all of their ammo black, he of course was still firing long after i died…

not just APDSDS , but also heat-fs and ATGMS , i was in a T55-AMD1 , i shot a vidar with 2 ATGMs and 1 heat-fs and didn’t die until on the 4th attempt at range that i put another APFSDS that finished the rest of the crew , so it more of a hunting for the crew members on the artillery rather than shooting anything that will make it 1 hit kill

I haven’t found it to be any more absurd than other light vehicle survivability. Helicopters tanking 120mm apfsds, milk trucks getting shot nose-to-tail by 155mm APHE, etc.


Agreed, its no different to slapping a plane in the face with 40mm autocannons and it just flies off like nothing happened.


Must use diesel…