Artillery mechanics in Ground-RB

I´d like to advocate for artillery-strikes without the “smoke-warning” before the barrage comes in.
The essential ruthlessness and menace of incoming artillery that is constantly present on the battle-field suits the gameplay and realism much more than the warning/signals we got right now.


Completely agreed, artillery smoke should be removed once and for all.

It makes no sense, and it’s also annoying as heck. I’ve been killed countless times thanks to being blinded by that damned orange smoke.

And if i’s supposed to be a “realistic combat simulator”, I don’t know in which war you tell your enemies you’re going to shell them by dropping smoke in their area.

It was way better before, with just the “ARTILLERY FIRE” message.


Disagree totally. It was absolute hell to play on open tops and lights vehicles without the smoke. The first shot was already enough to kill you, and now that over pressure is a thing, it’s much easier to die by arty. The smoke warns you about the arty, so players can avoid the area, which is the purpose of ths artillery.

Also, lets remember: fun above realism. Is it realistic to fear the constant threat of artillery? Yes. Is it FUN to fear the constant threat of artillery? NO! If we were to strictly follow realism, we shouldn’t even have the sound warnings or they should be tied to some kind of radio mechanic. Realism isn’t always necessary in video games, even if they rule themselves as simulator games.