Artillery HE-VT shells are completely useless against planes?

Can’t even hit a single aircraft with recent HE-VT shells state, despite having 32 aerial kills with Bakan 1C, 9 with 2S3M and 12 with G6.
Do you experience similar thing? Suspecting common for all shells Trigger radius: 3 m is the reason.

It was so fun to use them effectively against both ground&air targets, but seems having fun is not allowed 😭

Also AuF1’s he-vt has no tracer so you barely can see tiny black dot flying away with no chance to measure alignment after camera shake.

UPD: managed to “hitBf-109 E3 with AuF1 with minor crit, eah of course 9kg TNT bursted within 3m near early WW2 plane won’t disassemble it back to hell.

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you can turn off camera shake

You can’t do anything with sights jump on shooting big calibers.
I know what you r talking about but it is disabled from the start

I have no sight jump at all. Only recoil from my vehicle shaking on larger calibers and it’s negligible.

Your replies are literally off-topic, please stop it

No you can see the main reason, that being the VT shell velocity. On bkan its like 850 something and on Vidar, AuF1 its like 580. That is the main reason i see as to why at least Vidar and AuF1 wont make for good spaa the way the Bkan is

Found something,

@EdgeOfSzon :
I think that they changed all proxy fuses – they made them more sensitive, sadly
I don’t know why this was not in the changelog or anything – and I’m surprised that no one’s talking about it, even.

Because I remember that year ago it was much easier to hit planes, like trigger radius was 9+ meters. But I can’t find datamine with such changes which is even more frustrating

I’m not sure how you think that, but okay?

The sight jump was a major point in this discussion…

Yeah, the old system was a large proxy radius but the radius only triggered when detecting the center of the plane. They changed it so that the fuse has a smaller area but it can now trigger from the plane’s wings and tail.

This is my major concern

Wow interesting, how did you know about?

I remember reading about it on a changelog a good while back.