Armor Penetration at distances... stat is not showing in US, GB, FR, or SWE ground battle tank stat sheets after update

Basically just the title. Not sure if I there’s a temp folder or something I can just open in text editor and change a value or something or if anyone else has the same issue. Or maybe its just a game feature and I’m a couple cents short of a dollar upstairs lmao

Forgot to also mention I was using CCleaner today to free up some disk space, I’m wondering if that’s a possible cause for the missing text? I may just try a clean install of the game.

Just ran the “check files” diagnostic in the launcher, which is I’m guessing is basically just (repair). The launcher said I was all up to date after that but in game the issue persists. Don’t really wanna have to do a full re-install if I don’t have to.

It’s not you, I haven’t done anything and I got it missing from random tanks in every nation. For example in Sweden, I can see it on CV 90105 but not on Strv 81 (RB 52), or I can see it in SAV 20.12.48 and not on Ikv 73.

Either way Gaijin once more broke something in the game.

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