Armor penetration analytics

Gaijin and gaijin fanboys , explain to me why this happends 24/7
3bm60 bounce from leo2a4 frontal plate that it should actually penetrate even from extreme angles
not enough sideclimb?
this happening every second game nowadays btw

You hit a place where multiple plates connect, so volumetric did its thing

pretty sure the front hull plate is only 1 plate. the screenshot is bad i see now but i shot the frontal armor plate and it ricochet into the turret. coulndt be a55ed to go into the demo again

Thats called War Thunder, most “realistic” game about helis, tanks, planes and ships.

Just make sure to aim such way you dont hit such spots, anyone from any natuon can have this happen to them.

btw just penetratet the turret ring of an m60 with the dhska mg

Well, you just got gaijined. Nothing you can do. You wont replicate it. You just have to accept it and move on.