Armor on all NATO tanks

I think you should start by looking at all the successful reports and rejected reports. Ignore what’s currently in progress, figure out how they succeed and what causes them to fail.

Then definitely get sources outside of this website. Check out military focused discord groups or war thunder oriented discords. Great resources for these documents. Sometimes this forum is pretty good at leading astray and distracting with these things.

It’s going to be pretty monumental.

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Ok thanks for the advice. I will make sure to do that I have already looked at some stuff but I might end up going to the my local library sense they have a section of some really older documents you can print.

Another thing with these reports, they aren’t going to read the documents very well. You will need to go through highlighting word for word what they state and the important parts. Otherwise your work will just be thrown away, we’ve seen it enough.

Oh wow that is reassuring I’ll make sure to do that.

The DTIC is a resource you can use. It’s a document library for the US Govt.

This is a search regarding the Abrams for example.


The last thing I’d say, be ready for disappointment. You may have valid sources and detailed information. It may very well get thrown away just because. It happens and it’s frustrating to see.

Ok i’ll make sure to mentally prepare for that possibility. Thank you for your help. I will probably end up coming back and asking for some more help if i get stuck, but for the time being i’m going to start collecting as much information I can find.

This document:

Clearly states that the Abrams uses DU armor on the A1 and A2 variants… Gaijin will refuse to accept that however lol. Things like that will get under your skin.


I have another document that states it as well i’ll have to post it later sense i’m away from my computer.

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And it was implemented on the “Turret” which is immune to DM53. What’s it missing ?
The discussion is SepV2 should get the DU or not since Gaijin’s doc stated that DU hull only tested on 5 hull and all of them sit in Army School.
Other then that, maybe better turret ring with 200mm of steel ?
Aside from Abrams.

  • Chally 2 need a UFP can stop at least 3BM42 and thicker gun manlet.
  • Leo 2A7V need some tweak with the value on the armor (which is at least equal to Strv 122+).
  • Sweden was, is and will be Gaijin favorite bias nation.
  • China, maybe FY-4 ERA need more info since they just slap K5 with 80% value to it although we do not know any source about FY-4 ability to affect APFSDS.
  • France, bruh, sometime i’m more confident to fight them then the Abrams since a shot that go through the armor kill 2 crews can kill the Leclerc rather then Abrams might survive and shoots back.
  • Italy, fix the WAR kit or another Leo 2 for them.
  • Japan ?, still fine, 4 seconds reload outperform anything, maybe better gear ratio and torque (like the Leclerc)
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Was looking so promising on the Dev Server and then it never made it to live. Oh what could have been

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It can already do that.

No it isn’t.
Source rules are very clear with War Thunder.
There’s a reason T-90M uses 40 year old armor array in War Thunder.

incorrect armor values As well as armor model on the hull, it is reversed and upside down, which makes it cover less area than it should, lower hull should be perfectly capable of stopping 30 mm autocannon fire and turret ring is at the same level as the abrams; it should be 200 mm thick. Reloading is already pretty OP, so there is no need to put it as the real-life reload right now

Leclerc’s armor its wrong too, especially the hull and the breach together with mobility and gear ratio

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Leclerc’s UFP is bugged rather than being wrong both visually and coded.
So that’s an interesting problem I’m waiting for Wareta to report.

Wasn’t that only for the 48 ton type 10?


Also on top of those details, there’s also minor things such as
slow turret traverse
neutral gear stuttering
unmodelled hmt
Slow pivot rate (caused by the above missing feature)
No digital zoom (other tanks would get it too)
Bouncing suspension
No dynamic suspension on the move
No fancy steel
No copy paste heli irst autotracker

the thickness of the lower plate should be higher aswell as it should have at least 2 plates separating a giant empty space to the front plate, appart from that gaijin thinks the type 10 screen its based off the virtual boy from nintendo



I rather they add reverse speed bro, you should try playing any tanks with -4kph reverse speed, you will ended up playing Abrams I bet.

Yeah, Type 10 or Type 90 should immune to auto cannon frontally, other then that, fix the agility is much more preferable from me.

Gajin accept the Abrams uses DU armour (they state as much in their Dev blog about the armour). The disagreement is that some members of the community think the DU armour is in the hull and turret, while Gaijin think it is only in the turret.