Ariete MBT need a buff

Ay thank you everyone reading this topic.
As we know that the protection of Ariete in game is bad in current,and she surely not that bad in reality.
So I’ve try my best to find every useble data to caculate the correct protection against kinetic rounds.
Ariete in current have around 440 LOS in game,it consist of 20mm HHA, 80mm air, 20mm HHA, 220mm NERA, 100mm RHA.And it can provide around 385~390mm of KE protection.
As HHA have 1.2x KE effectiveness than RHA in game,so 20x1.2=24mm RHA 24mm/36mm=1.5
1.5 is the armor angled protection factor.
though this factor,we can get other figure one by one, it comes out like 36+36+150=222mm,this number is the steel armor KE in the whole armor pack,then 385-222=163mm,here we have the KE that NERA provide us.163/220≈0.74,this is the KE effectiveness factor of NERA on the Ariete.
As if we replace the air to NERA and add 20mm HHA as back plate,we can have extra 80x0.74x1.5+36=129.24≈129mm KE protection.Ariete’s turret armor will be 385+129=514mm KE.
Even though we don’t add that 20mm HHA plate,we can still have 80x0.74x1.5=88.8≈89mm KE protection,
Ariete’s turret front armor will be 385+89=474mm KE.

If we use the KE factor on Ariete’s NERA to caculate the WAR armor kit,it will be 140x0.74=103.6mm of KE,the total figure will be 514+104=618mm KE or 474+104=578mm KE.

That can make Ariete’s turret much more safer than current Ariete,and it match up with Ariete’s combat method in reality:stay hull down in combat.

Maybe some guys will say that it will too bias for italy,but the truth is not.
The Ariete equipped with WAR kit will gain weight up to 60 tons in reality,it’s PWR(Power-Weight Ratio)will decrease to 21.6,much lower than 24.5,PWR of the Ariete without any extra armor kit.That mean the Ariete with WAR will acclerate slower than Ariete without armor kit.This can make Ariete more balanced.

I’m not doing it for no reason,check the picture no.4 you can see that it a kind of replaceble armor pack welded on base armor,and i think it shouldn’t be air inside it.And the WAR kit in game is totally wrong now,it’s a armor kit designed to against kinetic rounds,it have 140mm thick but only provide around 20mm of KE in game,that make no sense.
Thanks everyone can finish this topic,hope gaijin can do something to buff the poor Ariete :(



Italy’s secrecy is very good. There is no information showing the thickness and content of his frontal armor. The PSO and WAR kits have been admitted by Gaijin as errors, but the repair time is unknown.
What ariete needs now is to lower BR, GAIJIN’s paranoia can’t possibly strengthen ariete’s armor






Yes it needs it


Remember, Gaijin hate Italy. We’ll get a buff when the Ariete is gonna be at 15.0 against tank with 9999 mm pen.


Armour needs to be fixed.


I don’t think the ram should be allocated such a high room. In 10.7, it was already weak, and bvvd directly raised the weight of the ram to 11.3 for his so-called top-level main battle in each department, but it didn’t strengthen it. It just replaced the 625 confiscated in that year with dm53 and sent it back. In the past, only the ram had the highest penetration depth, but now everyone has it, and the street is rotten, and the only advantage is gone.


+1 yes i agree


Not to worry, the Ariete with WAR kit is now 59.5 tons with no increase in protection.


No, the WAR Kit add more 10-20 mm.


Brutally useless.




Yeah i just find it odd this thing has way too low armor…even the Type 10 has more protection on the armoured sections yet only weighs 44Ts… or a better comparison being the Type 90 which also has stronger composite compared to its weight…i feel like the Ariete should have a bit more then what it currently has.


The hull front is the same length as the Leopard, yet he Italians filled the front with air while the Germans used composite

Embarrassed, the Italian manufacturer released an official brochure lying that the hull had composite!

Luckily, gajin knows that all Italian equipment is bad so this transparent lie was seen through and no composite was added



Lets hope that something is changed for the upcoming update, the Ariete is in dire need of a buff.


+1 needed badly and AMV should be able to mount them both since thats how it is in real life. Ingame AMV is Prototype 1 with the upgraded MTCA 1500hp Engine and no add-on armor packages, Prototype 2 has Upgraded engine plus both PSO and WAR kits. Gaijin needs to implement this to even try to justify 11.7.

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Crazy how unbalanced the italian top tier MBT’s are. They either need to be highly down tiered to vehicles with comparable stats, or they need an armor buff. If the armor buff is ahistorical, then why not put them on par with other vehicles? A leopard 2A4 is better than most Arietes minus firepower, so why not make them 10.7?

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The Leopard 2A4 is inferior to the Ariete (P) let alone the other variants, I do agree that the top tier Arietes are underperforming but putting them in the same sentence as the 2A4 is a bit overboard.

Both the Leopard 2A4 and Ariete (P) can be penetrated by vehicles at its BR, both are mobile tanks but the Ariete (P) is slightly faster and the Ariete (P) has superior firepower.

Alright maybe a bit of hyperbole, I do think the arietes are slightly better, hence why I said put them at 10.7 as opposed to Leo2a4 at 10.3, but the fact remains, they are closer to parity than not, yet the non (P) variants of the Ariete are 11.3-11.7. At their BR, their turret cheeks can resist almost none of the rounds they would be facing, and their mobility is not a significant upgrade.
Arietes should be 10.7 or 11.0 realistically