Ariete at 9.3 is a joke

So what kind of sick joke is this plane at 9.3 tier6? Or i don’t understand smtg?

Its at 9.3 because any lower it would be too good. Its flight performance is cracked. Any higher and it would be unable to compete with the rapidly increase in missile quality.


It’s like @CTCrusader says, the Ariete handles like a dream, it flies like it doesn’t even have a flight model.

If it was moved any lower, it would be ridiculously OP in a downtier (it arguably is already).

At the same time, in a full uptier it can meet 10.3. At this BR, you’ll face enemies who are either supersonic or have all-aspect high G-limit missiles. The Ariete doesn’t have flares and it’s subsonic, so a full uptier can be really rough.

So if you can’t move it up or down, then the only solution is battlerating decompression. The current BR spread is far too wide, and doesn’t allow balanced matchmaking.


I think they changed the FM for this thing, because it feels very heavy in a turn… Can anybody confirm?

When was the last time that you flown it before? In Sky Guardians (I think) update EVERY jet and possibly even props had their sustained turn rate nerfed

A couple weeks ago was my first and only time in the Ariete so far. The Sagitarrio felt the same way as the current Ariete. As apposed to a couple months ago when it felt much more nimble.

and it will be a joke at 10.3 anyway because it out dogfights everything. Cope harder.

Simple, move it to 9.0 and give it an extremely unlikely chance to get in a downtier.

(I personally don’t think theres a problem with the ariete but whatever)