Are you testing our nerves,Gaijin?

Yes those are obvious issues which is why it is 6.7

Why should it be less than 6.7

It shouldn’t be able to see M48A1 in the game, I don’t care at what BR those two end up.


So heres my question, why not? Obviously the M48A1 is a better tank which is why its a full br higher but why is is-2 fighting it so egregious? Because IS-2 is from ww2? It was in active service at the same time as the m48 so in theory their matchup is historical. M48 doesnt have any special tech like thermals or lrf or a stabilizer that completely outclasses is-2. So why is this matchup in particular so egregious?

Jeee it’s not like putting the tank in reverse(using the real) makes it incredibly difficult to actually kill. You know cause that’s surely not what many of us do or saw people doing in the IS-2 1944 itteration.

The IS-2 vs. the M48 just an ordinary heavy vs. +1.0 BR medium tank.
Considering the the IS-2 can not only penetrate the M48 but easily destroy it in one shot, the match-up is more than fair.

It could be much worse like:
Matilda or B1s vs. Pz III L/M or Sherman
KV-1 vs. Chi-To (or previously 76mm M4A1)
KV-1 ZIS-5 vs. 76mm M4A3
IS-1 vs. M26

Which severly struggle to penetrate the medium tanks from the front.

true words, they have made almost all 6.7 tanks to 7.0 and 7.7. late ww2 tanks vs cold war tanks, what bugs me the most and makes me sad was making the IS-2 (1944) at 6.7 and the Object 268. both were my two favourite tanks, and my most favourite one was the Object 268 being from 6.7 to 7.0, making it useless against HEATS shells and other advanced Ammonation. i dont think its possible to make them change their BRs back to where it was before. its just Gaijin doesn’t really care about its players and its community.

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Thinking that the matchup is more than fair just because both tanks can penetrate each other is quite a dangerous thing to do, at least in my opinion.
Something like 4.3 Sturer Emil can do everything IS-2 can in terms of firepower, but better, while also being much better at the playstyle both of those tanks should utilize in a 7.7 game, which is sit back, camp and snipe.

Never said IS-2 vs M48 is the worst case scenario, I’m just stating two tanks with so many differences shouldn’t be able to go against each other, at least in my opinion.