Are we losing progress by not getting the target destruction report right?

Please tell me that we are not losing HOURS of progress if we don´t get the report right.

I want 2 know that 2.

The safe bet is every third test is the successful one, it’s going to be fail-fail-pass, fail-fail-pass all the way through. I’m two parts short of test #3, so I’ll know tonight. Devs have already said in the case of the fails, you can guess wrong, it makes no difference for progression, other than you’re short the extra two materials boxes you could have won. It seems very unlikely that the winstate (a pass) would be any different from the failstate in this regard.


Thanks - compares to previous events.

The idea some people had that they’d introduce some crazy new RNG mechanic on top of all the other mechanics, or require you to accurately fly a thing into a thing with keyboard controls to progress, was the questionable assumption here, really. All the stuff on the news page is just marketing flavour text, poorly translated marketing text at that, and the whole gimmick is just a way to reset the crafting board 18 times, same as all the other previous times. Yes, things can be a little faster/cheaper if you min-max the crafting minigame, but that’s all it is.

You won’t get a combat-ready missile on the first and on each try — you’ll get defective missiles for several builds, but eventually you’ll get a combat-ready missile that can only be determined in a test mission.

From the Devblog. read the devblog.

Third try worked for me. So now I have one test report.

As standard, Gaijin produce an unnecessarily complicated event that just confuses and frustrates people.

the same every single year but now with an added layer of making everyone feel like they are wasting their time. A new low.