Are there Turtle/Tortoise decals that could be added to WT?

I wish to put a tutel on the tutel T95. Maybe also the british Tortoise and the German Hetzer tutel. IS-3 is also giving me tutel vibes, the turret especially.


Make a suggestion for one.

Or become a content creator and join the WT content creator program and have your decal be a tutle.

Or go onto WT live and look for a tutle skin for the vehicles you want

But yes, I too would like a tutle skin :)

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I like turtles :)

The skin is not so much the issue, I unlocked a free one for the T95 looking quite like a turtle shell. What I mean are decals, those Stickers you can put on vehicles.

What a turtley ridiculous suggestion 🙄

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Yeah, but why stop at a decal when you could get a dedicated title skin! Gotta think big!!! 😂😉

Yes I know what decals are. Maybe I’ll make a suggestion for one when I get bored. But it’ll take time as I have a few skins I’d like to do first

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Sorry, I don’t think a turtle decal exist.

Unlikely, I mean there is the possibility for Loonie Toon for Cecil however don’t think Gaijin would be willing to pay to have something of this sort added due to the licensing fee.

I know this might be a stretch, but some forum members are active in the military, navy, airforce, right? Couldn’t someone of those that feel mentioned come up with a decal and put it onto their real vehicle? Especially with AI (only for inspiation) this whole process could be relatively easy. Anyone willing to ask their superiors for permission and get their crew together?

Lol good idea

@Winter-Class can you help 😂

Edit- I just thought about this. I wonder if you or I made a suggestion for a fictional decal we could get it approved and possibly added


This is me a while ago trying to create one for my dad, the spelling is god awful but you get the point.

It’s supposed to say 85-02 Class
Or “Winter Class” hence my name.


@PaveHawk718 should be able to help too.

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Oh yeah. Forgot abt him

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I would like more content creator decorations like the seal, or the cat.

That would be great

Tell Tale sign of AI Imaging, concept looks great, just AI cant do fonts are names very well.

Stick it into an image editing software and tidy it up

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