Are there secret conditions for Rank Does Not Matter?

My special task is Steppe Spider - win a game and destroy a vehicle at least 1.0 BR higher, in other words get RDNM, Skill Matters, or God Mode.

In the past I’ve gone for this by playing lower BR tanks that can reliably delete higher BR targets, like FV4005 or the Swedish 150mm. But last time I tried this it was a lot more annoying than I remember, and today I figured an easier way to do it would probably be to take a low BR plane and bomb something.

I picked the Chinese P-47D-23-RA at 3.7, put it in my 6.0 lineup, and played a match. It went well, we were winning, I died near the end, got in my P-47 just as an enemy started capping a point, engaged, spotted him, dropped bombs, he died. He was an M18 Hellcat - 5.7, so exactly 2.0 BR higher. About ten seconds later we won, and I eagerly awaited my 1/2 progress on Steppe Spider.

No progress. No Rank Does Not Matter. The kill was in the match log - P-47 kills M18 - but there was no award for it.

Hence my question - are there secret conditions? Do you have to kill tank with tank and plane with plane, or something, and plane on tank kills don’t count? Or did I just get screwed by some weird bug?

Plane kills of ground and naval vehicles don’t count for RDNM. Because, as you pointed out, it would be too easy.

Bummer. Could’ve sworn I’d got it that way before - oh well. Thanks!

The games scoring system for challenges of various types or total kill count can be spotty at times particularly when it’s at the very end of the game you score it.

Like mentioned there’s usually some parameter to meet that isn’t obvious also.