Are the War Thunder OSTs copyright protected and will i risk a strike on my channel if i play them during stream

i have recently decided to try my hand at streaming war thunder and wanted to know if i would get a copyright strike on my channel if i played the OSTs while streaming the game.

iv looked at the War Thunder home page and checked the links at the bottom but none of them seem to discuss the copyright and content creator “do’s and don’ts” of the soundtracks use.

WT yt’s do tend to avoid those OST’s because of this issue so i presume they do have a chance to get urs copyright striked

I’m pretty sure having the OST playing as ambient background during game play is “fair use”. I doubt Gaijin is going to make a stink about it anyway. I would be more worried about if there was an “auto-strike” bot that might flag your content. This happens to UToobers alot.

I got copy-struck for actual silence, and it was for an ASMR ‘track’.

Isn’t it already free because hanger music that was conducted by Karajan is gone from the game?

I don’t think the ‘fair use’ statement applies to music you’ve bought… It’s entirely dependent on the actual copyrights of the works themselves.

If you buy a compilation album all the artists get a cut, but it doesn’t give you the right to stream that because you bought it.