Are the Strv 104 & Strv 105 just bad tanks or what am i doing wrong?

How do i play the Strv 104 & Strv 105? They are similar to the Sho´t kal gimel from what ive seen but ive never played israel, and dont plan to. So how to i play these thing?

I know where to aim; Ranges, Weakspots, All that stuff. I just always get flanked by the enemy before i can reach anything important.

they are slow like the usual centurions
so adjust your playstyle
Use it more as a sniper then a brawler
stay back and wait for people to drive into your cross hair

I tried that, Became meat for cas/helicopter players, and when i try to reposition i die because of an russian tank that is somehow in our side in the corner

There isn’t much incentives to play tanks and get gud at it in this game bro, because you just set yourself up to die to CAS if you managed to stay alive longer, the more kills the more likely someone comes back with a heli or jet that could drop bombs on you from outer space, and someone suggested maybe you can park your tank on the slope to aim high then shoot down the A-6E TRAM if you are good bro hnnnnnnnggggghhh that sounds effective brb gonna try it.

The 104 is fairly solid. You get solid APFSDS and a LRF at 8.7, which is very respectable. The ERA will occasionally bail you out against HEAT less powerful than 105mm, but you shouldn’t rely on your armor overly. Your biggest liability is the mobility, which is one of the worst at it’s tier. So you need to position appropriately, pick a spot not too far into the map and rely on you LRF and good round to snipe. Worth pointing out the gun depression is the best you’re going to get as Sweden 8.7, so use hills to your advantage.

The 105 is much less rosy. You do get a better engine, but you’re still one of the slowest at your tier, it’s just much more noticable now because most of your contemporaries are much faster than they were at 8.7 (MBT-70s, late Leo 1s/2K, XM-1s, wheeled vehicles). You get a better APFSDS round, which is pretty good for the tier (DM63 equivalent, I believe), but you’re also against stronger opponents, so it basically evens out. You do get first gen thermals, which helps with sniping, but that’s about it. And the armor realistically won’t stop anything.

You’re basically forced into the sniping role here, your lack of mobility and armor completely prevents you from brawling effectively like you can sometimes pull off in the 104. But even as a sniper, it’s not incredible for the tier. You struggle to get to good spots, and even at it’s best it doesn’t really have anything over it’s comtemporaries when sniping. First gen thermals and DM63 aren’t uncommon at 9.3, and certainly not in uptiers.

Ultimately, the 104 is worth playing since the 8.7 lineup is so strong, and it works where your other 8.7 tanks don’t thanks to it’s gun depression. The 105 however has a much weaker lineup at 9.3 (The 9030 is very mid, and the T-72 can’t hold up a lineup on it’s own), so I’d just avoid it entirely. Jump from 8.7 to 10.0/10.3.

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Ok, thank you will try