Are the Eva Elfie promotion reward skins only for new players?

Those 2 links are for a promotion for Eva Elfie. Obviously the vehicle rentals, SL, premium account, etc. are restricted for new players, but are the skins restricted too? In previous promotions for content creators, there was an option for existing players that would give just the skins and unique content, but that does not seem to be available this time around.

it is available type ingame email and done

I know that, but when I do that, unlike with other CC promotions, I don’t get a confirmation email for this one despite it saying one is sent and it doesn’t appear on my account despite there being another CC promotion going on right now for a different one and their decal appears instantly on my account and I get the confirmation email for it.

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Is it still available or nah??

I asked this question 5 months ago.

No. Literally took me 23 seconds to find this using Google. You should try it sometimes.