Are the country specific universal backups new?

As title, i just recently got country specific universal backups. I don’t think i’ve ever seen them before, have i just been lucky with the normal ones or are the country locked ones new?

They’ve been around for a while I think, I have a bunch of them that are not only nation specific but vehicle type specific (i.e. tanks, planes, boats). No idea where they came from…

Vehicle type+Nation specific backups are from the Battle Pass, one of the BP levels after the seasonal vehicles gives few of them as rewards if you have bought full access to BP.

Huh, okay, now I know :D I just unlock my rewards and don’t really pay much attention to what I’m getting most of the time so… yeah okay… guess I need to pay better attention :D

that is why i’ve never seen them before ^^ its my first time owning upgraded battle pass ^^