Are the blow out panels on the Abrams broken?

So I was messing around in the test drive map on the bmp-3 (completely stock) just for fun and I fired an he shell at the back of Abrams turret and it caused the ammo to go off and kill the crew. now I know its supposed to have a blow out panel so I thought it was just some he bs and the auto cannon i figured it was just killing the crew and not showing.

So I changed tanks brought the OBJ 292 out and shot just the ammo rack in the turret making sure no shrapnel was damaging anything else and it once again killed the crew, So I switched the the t-72 and same thing happens

and I don’t feel like buying am prem one to figure out nor do i know anyone who ones an Abrams so is it just my game or is the Abrams broken?

You shot through the blast door.

well that’s what I thought too but I made sure to shoot from the side so it would not shrapnel, even using the bmd-4 with APDS from the dead side all it takes in one shell to kill the whole tank

blow out panels ingame work about 10% of the time. I can count on my hands how many times since the last patch that my abrams or leopard has seen the blow out panels work as intended.