Are some US Helis overtiered?

For unrelated reasons, I was looking at the BR and load-outs of a bunch of the helis in game. To get to the point:

AH-64A is at 11.0 with 4x ATAS, 16x hellfire B, 126x zoom
YAH-64 is at 10.7, 16x hellfire B, thermals, no countermeasures, and 126x zoom
AH-6M is at 10.0, 4x hellfire k, 19x zoom

An equivalent BR from other nations, for each heli respectively:
(JA) AH-64DJP - 10.7, 16x hellfire K, all other factors appear equal
(IT) A129CBT - 10.0, 8x hellfire B, 4x MISTRAL, 12x zoom, offensive turret
(BR) Lynx/Glynx - 10.0, 8x hellfire B, 4x ATAS, 12x zoom

Now, I might have missed something like thermals resolution, but it seems several nations have flat-out better helis at the same BRs as these American ones (and some other non-K Apaches in other trees). This is especially noticeable for the YAH-64 which has worse missiles, no AA, no countermeasures, and seemingly identical optics to the 10.7 Japanese AH-64.

So, what did I miss? Or does muh AmeRicA tRulY SuFFeRS!!

I never get why the Ka-50 is only 11.0. No reason for that thing to not be at least 11.3-11.7

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It lacks AA capability (Technically can carry 2x igla, but it sacrifices half of its AGMs) or thermals, its optics suck (no zoom or NV at all), it has below average ATGM count (12x vs 16x,) though its ATGMs are very good, it lacks IRCM or DIRCM (But it does get MAWS so that helps greatly)

As much as I don’t like KAmovs, its kind of a shitty 11.0 compared to its contemporaries and seems to be suffering from YAH-64 syndrome just .3 BR higher

i think they all are untertiered that is the problem, propably should just raise the br of all of them, then they would fight fitting spaas as well

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Yeah, thats true, also doesnt help that Helis on average have about half the SP cost to a jet with less fire power. Heck I can spawn in a Rooivalk with a full AGM loadout for about 530 SP or about 250 with only AAMs/rocket pods, but a Harrier FRS1 with just 9Ls is only a little less at 500. Tornado Gr1 with PGMs is like 900

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Sure, lets raise Russian KA-52 and MI-28NM to 12.0 first, oh and regular MI-28N to 11.3 and Mi-35 to 11.0 please.


Just about Everything in the U.S Ground and Heli Tech Tree is overtiered

are you out of your mind? Only 2 nations have SPAA that helis have virtually no counter too.

because its russian.

read it again, i said that all helis should get a br raise, there are many like the lynx or the italien one with 7km missles at 10.0 br that cant be touched by a lot spaas.

Specialy because only 2 nations have spaas that can counter helis the br of the helis should be raised

All helicopters are not equal and raising their BR’s further would make them useless, and at 10.0 BR you have Light vehicles from every nation, and SPAAs with SAMs that can reach them. I will never understand why people like you keep using the 7KM range, when the game won’t even render in vehicles on the ground correctly to fire a missile at them from a helicopter, You can’t even fire at Ground vehicles in Arcade mode without the missile firing at the ground.

ok 9.7 ozelot is supposed to lock a g lynx how exactly? only the 10.3 flakrak is able to reach them. And of course vehicles render 7km out, how else would the vikher work and have been a menace for all this time, 7km is a very reliable range for them, your computer might just not be up to par to render is specialy. There is even the automatic laser lock which resolves render glitches in matches.

besides that this is a realistic battle thread, i dont even know how it is in arcade but in realistic matches this is not a problem they can hit vehicles reliably hell, the drones use the same missles as well

Drones are not in the same position helis are, Drones start high in the sky, and are nearly impossible to detect or even see. A helicopter you can detect and see.

My guy, how often do you fly helicopters? The automatic laser lock only works if a vehicle is stationary in a field away from trees and buildings and when used on tanks with no LWS and your helicopter is 200 meters off the ground. The Vihkr is dangerous because its a direct fire missile, that gaijin has purposely made into a fantasy missile. It isn’t even supposed to be able to have both ground attack and proximity detonation at the same time. This game is literally biased for russian vehicles, they are always at a lower BR with brain dead easy weapons or over armored tanks esp at top tier, where virtually no other nation can fight them. You only have 7 - 8 seconds to react if a Vihkrs is fired at you, to pop smoke or hide and thats if you even know its being fired at you, a Hellfire missile is forced to fly up into the air and then has to follow the laser and keep that laser on for over 35 seconds. The most broken helicopter is the German UHT ( which you also seem to have unlocked and have never used )

And the reason the Ozelot doesn’t work is because gaijin have made stinger useless and the missiles won’t even lock onto the targets within 4km half the time. The LAV-AD uses the same exact missile.

the ka 50 should be 11.7 and the ka-52 should be 12.0

radar and thermal , you can detect them easily, but often they just are out of range like helis,

it is a helping tool of course you dont trust it 100%, but it works well enough additionaly choosing targets is a skill as well, there is a semi laser lock mode as well where it is locked and you can adjust with aiming before a moving tank a well, so skill issue

Vikhr is to strong i dont deny that, but hellfires still are very strong potentialy at 9.0-10.0 br and can be problematic since nothing can reach them there

i like flying helis, i didnt use the uht yet since i dont have a reliable top tier line up yet, i dont want to just spawn in with leo 2 pl, leo 2a4, gepard/ozeloz, puma, tiger uht and mig 29, i have great air and cas assets but my ground is lacking and in need of a leo 2a5 at least and flakrakpz for spaa duties at least

exactly they wont lock or they are out of range in the first place with 6km-7km range, where hellfire helicopters still are very strong, if you cant use them yourself it is sadly skill issue like i already said