Are nuke sirens bugged?

Are nuke sirens bugged? An earlier game, the sound played like 10 sec before impact… now it didn’t play at all… anybody with the same issue?

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I’ve been hearing it every time.

They can be rather RNG for when it activates based on what i can tell
Sometimes it goes off just like 5-10 seconds after spawning it in
othertimes i’ve flown halfway to the battle before it went off

I’m guessing it could potentially be related to distance between the battle and the plane but can’t really find out with ease

there’s been a few cases where the enemy have dropped nukes without me hearing the sirens ever going off but it’s rare so could just be me missing them somehow

Nuke siren is complete bugged out. I’ve had 3 games in last week where nuke siren was not heard at all.


This is still bugged, snail claimed to have replaced the guy responsible of siren, but it seems he’s lazy as last guy and still cant do he’s job. Should it be time to fix this little thing…

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Had a battle today no siren, was a close fight as well completely ruined.
Would post the replay but that has been bugged for ages and now no replay come through at all.