Arcade Naval question - what can I expect from Italy?

The new torpedo boat from the Battle Pass made me interested in Italy as a nation to play Naval Battles with. Bit of a whale idea but the plan was to grab said torpedo boat, as well as Tigre, one more techtree vessel, and add the Hs.129 or Bf 110 G-4 to form a mixed lineup (wiki tells me mixed battles are a thing in Arcade Naval, hopefully it’s not a mistake).

Is this viable? Asking as a casual player, I’m not here to set records or get an adrenaline shot CoD-style.

The plan is somewhat viable. Depending on you though. I try to keep the BR similar to avoid unwanted up tiers. What mode are you planning on playing? Arcade? Realistic?

What tech tree vessel were you planning to take? A blue water or coastal? You could have your tigre as your main ship and have your battle pass boat to capture a point if viable. The battle pass boat will probably be a 2.3. Facing up to 4.3 Russian boats. SKRs and Pr.206s (because of tigres br).

I’d go with the Bf 110 G-4 over the Hs.129. A 1,000 kg SC1000L2 bomb can outright sink light cruisers at that br. The ducks 37 mm cannon wont do much to the bigger ships you will be facing. The AA on ships is significantly stronger, so getting in range to shoot your cannons will ultimately lead to your destruction. The former is pretty much drop out of range of major AA and score a bomb hit.

You could consider taking a fighter of the same br as well. Theres an event ◐Bf 109 F-4 that may be useful. That way you can send something else in to attack other planes or drop some bombs. There are similar tech tree fighters, I happen to have the event plane and it sits well in my line up.

One option is to go without the tigre and just play lower tier 3 Italian coastal. 2.3 br has a nice Stuka like bomber the Ju 87 D-3. Maybe a basic fighter too. That way you can enjoy more of the battle pass boat gunning down other lower tier boats.

I consider the low br casual as it can get. At tier 3 you can do daily level II and III missions. The bonus is you are doing it more easily with low br boats.

A word of warning, if you have not played Italian coast before, they say its the worst experience you can possibly get. I totally agree, it was not fun at all until I got to at least tier 4. Being completely honest it is a challenge to make it through. Guns feel under powered and need constant reloading. I hope you have good crews because stock play is miserable. Then again, I believe they have free basic things like tools and extinguishers so it should not be as hard as before.

Dont plan with airplanes for higher ranks too much. Destroyers have incredible AA weapons.

So bombers are pretty much useless and since there are no bombers, fighters are also useless.

Also, naval battles are so slow paced that you wont get a chance to spawn aircraft.

Tigre is not an easy ship to play, the only really good Italian destroyer is Geniere, despite it’s rank II only it’s actually the best destroyer of this TT.

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If you are trying to have fun, forget any nation that its not Russia or America, the best Italian Destroyer its an American one, rank II at 4.3 BR, premium, it actually outperforms most 4.7 Destroyers, Gaijin understands nothing regarding naval vehicle balance, you face a Russian 3.7 Destroyer it will obliterate your Italian 4.3 Destroyer, even your Italian Cruiser, Russian Ammo far out performs any other ammo in the game, and Russian Destroyers shoot faster with faster ammo… playing Italian ships its roleplaying as target practice for the Russians and Americans.