Arcade economy

hlo there i see aircrafts in arcade mode are free and they’re op and my tanj will get destroyed easily and that cost me silver while aircrafts if destroyed their owners won’t lose and silver coins. if gaijin made it low coat to repair or no cost if my tank get destroyed or making the penalty on the aircraft owner if destroyed. that’s my suggestion yo make the game more balanced. thx

Only reserve aircraft are free to repair in Arcade.
Everything else gets 10 (tech-tree) or 30 (premium) free repairs only.

This is relative to GAB where you get to play as an aircraft for 1 minute

Ah - of course.

In which case the answer is - your aircraft are free and their tanks cost SL too :)

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And they are complaining that they have to pay SL for tank repair cost but not for the aircraft, but I don’t see a problem with it as you ARE FORCED TO DIE. It doesn’t come down to skill or anything but it ejects you after a minute, so why would you need to pay SL? Aircraft in GAB have a 10 second fuse on their bombs, so many tanks can easily get out of the way in time, this means that you would be clicking to join an air battle just to lose SL.

Very often explodes at contact with ground without any delay, because are calculated from pilot pushing the button.

What do you mean? I usually bomb someone (Though this was a few years ago when I played arcade) and it hits them, but they drive away because 10 second delay

He means the 10 seconds starts from when you release the bomb - if you bomb from high altitude such that the bomb takes 10 seconds to land then it explodes on contact.

If you release at low altitude so that the bomb takes 1 second to land then it explodes 9 seconds later.

I’m not sure I haven’t played ground in years, even if I bombed at alt it would take 10 seconds to boom after hitting the ground

Maybe it was changed since last time you played then.

I can assure you you can get “instant” bomb explosions from high altitude drops - so bombers hitting an area crowded with vehicles can score multiple kills if they are lucky.

Players on the ground get a “whistling” sound if a bomb is going to land near them - that’s their warning to move away.


If you drop the bombs from higher altitude they basically explode as they hit the ground, if you drop them low they will take some more time. The “fuse” starts to count since you drop them, not when they hit the ground.

If you use an headset… since they changed sounds I can barely hear the bomb whistling on my speakers, all other sounds are louder and overlap it. Before I had no issues hearing it since it was as if the game gave priority to bomb whistling over other sounds.

I know the difference between playing with a headset or with speakers but the thing is that I could heard bomb whistling before with speakers and even with TV speakers when I played on PS4, since they changed sounds I can’t hear them cause it seems that all other sounds overlap it.
Just like in PUBG, with an headset you also get the great advantage of hearing the planes and where they are, or where tanks are around you, it’s even possible to tell which tank it is. But I don’t think it’s healthy to play the amount of hours I used to play with an headset, hearing loud sounds of explosions and gun firing, I don’t even want to know how it is to play naval with all those guns firing at all time, that’s why I kept playing with speakers. Speakers can’t give you the awareness of an headset but I’m sure they could make bomb whistling sound like before.

Then why do you reply to a clearly marked Arcade Ground Thread , if you haven’t played in Years a you stated in a later post?

You are not forced to die, there are no negative consequences for dying in a plane in GFAB unless you count getting nothing done.
People deliberately dive straight into a target to get:

  • the best angle for canon kills through the roof;
  • max accuracy on rocket attacks;
  • and as explained if you drop above 600-1000m there is little to no delay on the fuse;

after the timer has expired you get a Very small SL bonus and that’s it.

AIR is the Bane of T6, you either have canon SPAAG which lack the range or need to be fully spaded for Proximity ammo, and the early SAM’s are all IR based and will either:

  • take forever to lock on;
  • lose the lock when either an ATGM is launched or flares;
    * and since all planes are spaded the can spam their entire flare load to prevent any kind of lock on;
  • or pilot sees the trail and easily avoids the missile;

and that’s not even talking about the T7 helicopters that are matched against T6 tanks, so much fun to have AH64, KA-52, Mangusta or Tiger spawn at the rear of your spawn within 3km and immediately spam its 6 km missiles before you can either lock and fire or get into cover. And the ridiculous damage model of helicopters tanking more then one APFSDS 105mm or HEAT round.

Air being able to fire and guide munitions to target after the “kill” message is displayed, has been a gripe in GFAB for a long time. the only thing being unguided munitions already fired or released before death.

the problems is it costs nothing to lose a “plane” in GFAB, not even tickets.

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