ARB match ending for no reasons?

I was in a 1v2 in ARB and my team had the point advantage. I reloaded my ammo, took off, and everything was fine up to that point. Then, 1 minute after takeoff, the message ‘no active players in the team’ appeared even though I was still there. Our points dropped, giving the advantage to the enemies before stabilizing.

Then the match ended for no reason, and my team lost. Why did this happen?

Here is the replay if anyone wants to check : Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

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Anyone knows why ?

Sometimes it happens when you aren’t near the battle space to try to help mitigate people just flying away forever and ever. It doesn’t work well.

that sucks i swear

Sometimes the hamster falls off the treadmill. At least you got credit for it, sometimes this happens and the game just pretends that game just… never happened.

It could be rapid auto ticket bleed. Maps lile City really suffer from this. For some reason the ticket bleed just falls off a cliff after 5 minutes or so.

This has happened to me months ago, basically from what I understand the game has a timer to stop people from sitting in AF for too long.

It’s a really really poor fix, since you can have a crew with a long repair/rearmament timer and be counted as inactive if you take too long to takeoff.

Has happened to me as well… super annoying. You’re the last one on your team, taking off, and all of a sudden you get told “no active players”… :/