ARADO C-3 Should be lowered to 6.7

Its impossible to play arado c-3 cuz i always face 8.3 planes like the F-84, arado guns are trash and arent capable of taking down a B-29

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maybe 7.0 but how would a 5.7 plane be able to catch it?

its a bomber…

Nothing wrong with arados guns so if your unable to kill with them thats a user issue not a balance issue. Secondly its a bomber so its offensive capability doesnt matter. Thirdly it once was nealy unstoppable because nothing could catch it, now its still fast but cant outrun or outclimb everything all battle.

The truly issue here is not the “skill” its the game matching the C-3 with F-84 who are faster and with better weapons

there is no f-84 with higher than 0.50

C-3 guns are extremly innacurate, slower and less-damaging that the F-84 ones

Its a bomber… its suppose to be fast enough to get to a base reliably in game. After that any offensive weapons or combat ability is seconday. Its not an attacker or a fighter. Again there is nothingnwrong with the weaponry.