Arado 234 Jet Blades, Yoke, and Throttle Lever Issues

I recently encountered several issues with the Arado 234 jet in War Thunder that need to be addressed and fixed. Firstly, the jet blades on the Arado 234 do not spin when the aircraft is in flight. This lack of animation makes it difficult to gauge the airspeed and compromises the immersion of the game.

Secondly, the yoke in the Arado 234 seems to be non-functional. Despite attempts to move it, it remains stationary and unresponsive. This issue affects the realism and handling of the aircraft, making it less enjoyable to fly.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Select the Arado 234 jet in War Thunder.
  2. Enter a battle or free-flight mode.
  3. Observe that the jet blades do not spin during flight.
  4. Attempt to move the yoke in First Person and notice its lack of responsiveness.
  5. Adjust the throttle lever and observe that it does not move

Expected Behavior:

  1. The jet blades on the Arado 234 should rotate visibly during flight to simulate engine thrust and airflow.
  2. The yoke should be functional,
  3. The throttle lever animation should accurately correspond to the engine power and reflect changes in throttle settings.

Actual Behavior:

  1. The jet blades on the Arado 234 do not spin in flight, leading to an unrealistic visual experience.
  2. The yoke remains unresponsive, rendering it useless for controlling the aircraft.
  3. The throttle lever animation may give the appearance of movement, but it does not affect the engine power or throttle settings.

I hope i was helpful and please fix those things i would be grateful

Is its name still bugged as well? It should be Ar 234 B-2 &/or Ar 234 C-3. In addition, the Ar 234 B-2 is still missing weapons, either in the form of a magirusbombe or as a rüstsätze & is also still missing its 50 kg payload

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