April fools event

First of all, these events must have a minimun level requirement for playing it.
Second thing is that getting the rage tokens is super complicated, if we are gonna get 1 per kill and another for confirmation, aint better if the 1st one saves till the end of the match and the other one is the one we could loose if we die/can get stealed?. (remember that we need a bunch of tokens to unlock a vehicle +250 to get the 2 final prizes, +750 if we want to get every prize)
In summary, or you have good luck or 15 minutes of your live got completely wasted for literally nothing


You get 1 rage for each kill you make

You can get extra rage by picking up the flag off the guy you kill and escaping

The rage you get for kills you keep whether you extract or not. If you want the extra you have to extract. You can get up to 5, but at that point you’re revealed for the entire enemy team.

Rage scanners also only can ping you while you’re carrying rage, so people with that on their vehicle will be able to find you and kill you.

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low levels kill you, steal your loot, and then abandon the event or not get any final reward

oh yeah, getting X score of rage to die later, profit !!!1111