April fools event broken / Worst April Fools ever

To Put it simply, Here’s why April fools 2024 has to be one of the worst ones yet:

  • Made up of Entirely SPAA Vehicles, 0 Armor, so either you tank multiple shots and die to multiple people shooting you/ same person shooting u over and over until you cant do anything or you get killed in under 2 seconds / one shotted
  • Getting the “rewards” is simply impossible since trying to obtain materials in game isnt even rewarding, you mainly get the same materials and trying to get the one you actually need seems impossible
    -You Have to Craft EVERYTHING In order to get rewards (When before all you needed was mission score)
    -FFA Terribly broken, can die under 30 seconds from spawning and going through the entire middle of the map is clearly impossible since its open and you die from any angle
    -Team Battles are very hard to evac out of, the evac zones are usually near the enemies bases
    -Both FFA and Team Battles have constant Evac Campers, no way to combat it besides getting lucky and killing them
  • The “Sandstorm” doesnt really do much besides blind vision beyond (Aprox.) 50m for snipers, when in reality sandstorms are meant to totally blind you and you cant even see 10m ahead. It also happens in the last few minutes of the game which dont really help besides trying to evac
    -Also very low Noise from other enemies which make it nearly impossible to hear them when you can get jumped at any moment
    -Evac Points change every single time and its always across the entire map

Honestly, im just playing the event for the rewards, and once im done im never touching it again. 2/10, it was a good idea but ruined by the devs. Anyone else feel that this has to be one of the worst april fools? Even a Dune pt.2 event would have been better but oh well


Welcome to extraction shooters, the genre that keeps on giving.
I’m playing to play the vehicles, if I get stuff I get stuff, if I don’t I don’t.
It’s how I recommend people play.

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We know they have the means to reward players based on time, just give people a crate for every 10 minutes of playtime with RP and SL + some guaranteed parts on top of the parts you get from extracting, reduce the part requirements by like 70% and reduce the event duration by 2 weeks.


I can respect that, but playing to get the vehicles has to be tiring at one point when all you keep getting is the same material and when you need a certain one it becomes impossible to get and when you do you die to some bs. Also the “Upgraded” Vehicles arent big upgrades at all, they’re either just adding another gun or two and adding extra “armor” when in reality just makes u a tiny bit slower and doesnt drastically give you good armor

That would be good, i mean aprils fools event should only be a week or week and half in reality, not almost an entire month, but this would be better but if its not just at least fix the event since its supposed to be fun not grindy

I just enjoy the vehicles I have. Getting the BTR will be nice, but I’m fine without it. 15 minute matches in and out quick.
I don’t like adding rewards to these events cause clearly grind addicts want rewards, which causes negativity when the event should be enjoyed for what it is.