April Fools Event 2024

Worst April Fools event ever in war thunders 12 years


Better than another silent thunder rerun

What 1st April event would you like to see?

I am not a fan of it either , but is just me i dont like extraction shooters , but i dont think the event is bad is just not for everyone

I dislike the last man standing not being able to do anything at all… Got a 40 second repair, and you just got a driver… Yea, you’re screwed anyway.


One of the best April Fools.
I love Mad Max.

Ah lol that thing happened to me and when you start it shows only 1 extraction point? and is close to their spawn but this is false you can actually extract in the other points too , is just the game wont tell you that and you have extraction campers as well but oh is part of the game i guess.

When i start the game only shows me that one i am pointing out the arrow but you can extract in the other ones if you go there , is just the map wont have the extraction image on it.
This image only shows all at last minute ending the battle.

Liking the theme =/= a good event.

they are talking mechanics.

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I was confused by that singular exit point and now you highlight that, now I see the sense of what it should be.

Wow what a surprise…


My favourites were the ponies, Gaijilla, the KV-2 walkers, blow-up tanks and the pirate ships


only half right, you cant exit in all of them at the start. only the one marked, but when there is only one minute left you can exit in all of them.

wait really ? odd , i think i extracted even without marker there , maybe i reached the extraction point when was about to end and then let me extract , idk i only played 3 games so far.

I died when i tried that.

it is at least the case in team battles. i have not yet tried in solo.

I thought of maybe something like an infection mode, where the zombies would be m22’s, and the survivors would be something like a gepard or something. Not the best idea, but its somethin