Is anybody currently aware as to why none of the APKWS have M247 HEAT warheads ingame? APKWS can take literally any Hydra-70 warhead.

Is there an existing reason Gaijin has stated?

Additionally, there is an APKWS warhead that has a proximity fuse that utilizes the existing M151 warhead (AGR-20A M151 APKWS ingame). Essentially identical to the AGR-20A we have, except it has a proximity fuse.

I think these two APKWS variants would completely change the weapon from being literally never useful to quite often useful. The proximity fuse variation would be great for attacking other helicopters, and the HEAT warhead would obviously totally change the standard APKWS role from being ineffective to actually effective.

Aiming APKWS is also really annoying, maybe it should have a rocket CCIP indicator of where it would go unguided.

Thoughts? Should I put these kinds of things in suggestions to developers?


red line

After reducing the maximum overload from 4 to 2g, even a proxy fuse won’t help.

they don’t even want to take a bug report :D apkws,cirit не попадают // Gaijin.net // Issues

That’s incredibly grim, however, a lot of helis act essentially stationary. Though, since it’s a counter-UAS variant, surely APKWS has more than 2 Gs of overload… cars can take that much overload. A semi truck only can’t because it would tip over due to center of gravity. It’s really hard to overstate just how little overload that is.

All they changed was the fuse, not the warhead nor the control section, and it was able to hit UAS.

The original souce i have doesn’t include HEAT warhead.

But BAE Systems did successfully tested APKWS with HEAT warhead (HEAT/APAM to be exact)

More than that bug report on APKWS M151 missing proximity fuse has been forwarded to the developers

Same with APKWS x19 launcher (LAU-61) what we have is only x7 launcher (LAU-68)

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8 and 6 months ago, pain.

Has the missle wobble been fixed? I’m about to get the UHT