APHE unable to get through chain link fences now?

Since this patch landed, I’ve noticed several instances of the following:

Waffentraeger APHE rounds getting “STOPPED” by chain link fences (twice) and trees (three times).
T-20 APHE rounds exploding and being “STOPPED” by bushes (twice) and trees (twice).

When I say “STOPPED”, I mean the round explodes, then makes no contact with the vehicle directly on the other side of it.

Is this some weird new mechanic, or is there something else going on here? (Or have I lost my mind??)

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In the chain link fence case, an M-51 was about 10 feet beyond the fence, I was about 50 yards away on the other side of the fence, and he was side on to me.
Shot 1 exploded on the fence, 1 section of fence destroyed, M-51 didn’t even notice I was there.
M-51 moved forward about 30 feet, behind new section of fence, I fired again the exact same way, shot exploded on fence (destroying that section) and M-51 drove on without ever turning his turret towards me. Wiiieeerrrrdddd…

I’m pretty sure I’m seeing the same since the major update, many things seem to be stopping or deleting the APHE shells before they hit the enemy tanks behind them.

Meanwhile, I just found out that you cannot destroy bushes as they announced, in Ardennes you cannot shoot bushes, if you run them over they keep existing and completely block your view both in gunner or 3rd person, even the bushes behind your tank when in 3rd person completly block your view. Seems like they want to force players to play inside the town.


Got the same things. Sometimes the bullet seems to hit the bush and goes further and sometimes they got stopped. Seems pretty random. Bigger issue for me is the visibilty issue that comes with that. You are totally blinded by the smoke that comes with this effect while the enemy got a big advantage.

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I just got 3x BR-365A APHEBC shells deleted by palm trees, I have around 12k kills with these shells and I never saw this happening before this major update. It’s similar to what happens when using HEAT shells.

And this was just in a couple of minutes, I’m pretty sure that other objects are also blocking these shells in other matches.


Yup, that’s exactly it. Point of info, I never carry HEAT shells. Ever. I typically use a specific set of vehicles and none of them rely on HEAT. When I took notice of this “feature”, I actually looked at my loadout half expecting to see some Gaijin Magic had happened and switched me to HEAT. I was just a bit surprised that it was all normal, so figured “Ehh, maybe lag or something…”. Until it happened again, and again, and again and while I was recording my network activity no abnormalities were found.

I used to play a lot with HEATFS shells when APDS was useless and I remember it detonating even on grass.
The problem here is that some objects that you used to be able to shoot through are now blocking the APHEBC shells as if they were HEAT/HEATFS shells and that turns your advantage of spotting and/or shooting your enemy first into a situation of disadvantage where the enemy is able to shoot you back while you are still reloading.
If this is how it should work, at least they should inform players of these changes, instead we always get to find out them while playing.

The fact that I saw no “informing of the player base” leads me to believe this is some form of bug.


This IS Gaijin we’re talking about…

Adding to that the start of a Skill Bonus based on kills, and now this “bug” preventing some of the kills to be made, I’m not so confident that this is a “bug” for Gaijin…

One thing I know, I’m getting less kills than before and also dying more due to “missing” my first shot and getting shot back in return. On those videos I’ve shared I died both times to tanks I’ve should have killed just seconds before.

We don’t just play against other players, we mostly play against the game itself. You find a good spot in a certain map and Gaijin will find a way to block that spot, either by placing objects, changing terrain slope or simply blocking it’s access there.

Why are you complaining that chainmail for buildings is working like it should do?
A hammer isn’t going to penetrate chainmail.

Oh yes… I am somewhat of a sniper I suppose, and Gaijin has seemed to go out of their way lately to force me to play the game the way “they want me to”. There were only 2 maps that I’ve disliked for the last 4 years, and in the last couple of months that has changed to 5 , with 3 of them being actively hated due to Gaijin’s meddling.

Can’t tell if serious, or sarcastic… Or, something else.

One of these days we’ll have a narrow and flat corridor from spawn to single cap point with no cover in between, then everyone will play like Gaijin’s bots. Instead of commiting the blasphemy of using the maps in your favour.