APHE shells need a buff

This is the result of shooting a 122mm APHE into the side armor of a t34 that was perpendicular to me. This is absolutely pathetic performance

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APHE shells already deal massive amounts of post pen damage and are by far the best shells in the game. Your picture doesn’t show very much about what happened. One piece of ammo yellowed, but nothing else showing where you hit the T-29 or anything else.

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Hard to tell by the picture where you shot. Maybe the tracks stopped the round?

This is where my shell went


Ok, it still doesn’t explain much. A video clip showing the shot would be much more helpful here. Regardless, one shot not dealing much damage is not at all a reason to buff APHE. They already deal massive amounts of damage, and even small 30mm APHE rounds will kill entire vehicle crews with one shot.

Maybe not enough armor to trigger/activate the APHE fuse?

Skill issue.
[LowRP] moment.

what does it not explain? You can see where the shell impacted and the non existent damage it caused

It is a terrible angle, doesn’t show the round detonating, and shows that the spalling merely missed the ammo. I’m trying to be helpful here, but I can only do so if there is something useful to view.

I think that you just got gaijined, APHE is a insane round especially the soviet ones. 9.9/10 times that shot was fatal for the t34

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Please tell me your joking, I understand aphe has its bugs but it is by far the best round in the entire game. Solid shot has this basically every other shot and worse, apcr is somehow better than apds now and beah is a joke.

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If anything APHE needs a nerf. Certain shells are a guaranteed insta-kill if you pen, like the Soviet 122mm.



Always a kill since they can overpressure too.

This was the angle. with 51mm of side armor the round should have detonated

You were just Gaijined. There’s nothing you can do but move on.

I would really like to tell you my story of how I had no penetration at 10m with my APCR (228mm pen) grenade on a T-34-85 sideways into the hull …

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Look, if you aren’t going to post a video of it happening then no serious discussion of what happened can occur. It seems like the shot had a bad time because of volumetric or something. Again, this one-off situation is NO reason to buff APHE.


Should be the replay …

I briefly “simulated” a few shots myself.
Looks to me as if your shot has hit the engine compartment and the fragmentation effect is not sufficient enough to fully penetrate the neighbouring compartment for the ammunition. It was damn close.

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