APDS, HEATFS, HESH, APCR, APHEBC, APFSDS.. is there any shell that actually works properly?

What are we even supposed to be using now? Back in the day I stopped playing the Leopard because the APDS was useless, but then HEATFS was known as CHEATFS.
Then HEATFS sucked and you had to use APDS, now they both just suck.

HESH is a complete joke, APCR has no value and it’s hilarious someone at Gaijin thought it was a good idea to add APCR to a vehicle after increasing it BR as if that would make it okay somehow, APHEBC still has magical slope modifiers, APFSDS, at least M735 got nerfed based on seemingly nothing yet somehow not reverted yet, 60mm M300 APFSDS has worse post pen damage than a 30mm APDS from an autocannon.

Can we get some stuff that actually works?


Smoke works :)


Exactly my point. It’s just the fact premiums, at least when I play against them, lolpen every time.

Didn’t you know? It can only work more than 50% of the time if it’s Russian.

Ehhhh Japanese APHE works like a charm. But, i have no issues with any of them. I just know where the kill shots are for most tanks I face soooo it falls under skill category. If my shell bounces, my fault for poor aim lol

Aphe, but they will nerf it very soon

APHEBC still has stupid slope modifiers, but it’s Russian so of course it’s a case of overperforming with that one, but yeah I guess it’s on the chopping block, ruin whatever fun you could have with Japan as well I imagine and permanently ruin it.

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The problem with the Japanese APHE is the same as all the APHE without a cap, they have a higher bounce rate at 60º than they should in reality, it is one of the many problems that the game suffers from because of making a calculator wrong of penetrations.

The Soviet APHEBCs in principle would not be bad, what is bad is all the other bullets.

I wonder what’s so special about 60 degree slopes lol…

Its the most important.

Not really as they’re putting those changes up to vote.

Not the first time they manipulated 60 degree slope modifiers.

Pray to RNGjesus before the battle

Well, what they should do is give them the correct modifiers, so finally the German 90mm cannon could destroy a Panther from the front in the hull.

Like shell shattering and random non-pens.

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Which results will be positive obviously, unfortunately

He is saying Russian equipment is not a “mechanically or technologically” better than any NATO “counterpart” or weapons system to complete the same purpose, and if anything, reports of their performance is propaganda, and not factual.

Now, is this true or not? That’s your choice, I personally think some of it is propaganda, and others, not as much, like the performance of the Hokum-A and -B in combat, however, technical aspects, such as their weaponry, like the Vikhr or Igla missiles, are overperforming.

Well APHE is the only ammo that has post pene burst dmg

Vuloumetric helps only Rus and Chinese because of slop and high angles

23mm 30 mm cannons on Jets Rus and Chinese 1 hit you in other hand Nato cannons need multiple hits to do dmg

Nerfed 75mm German cannons Wiki Stats completely idiotic chance 0 post dmg because of 29 grams TnT is like shooting AP

British tanks don’t have at all ABPC ammo which is complete BS , US gives them Brits don’t research them again Sabot and APDS complete 0 post dmg only Swedish have it because Gaijin Test post - dmg Mechanic - Should be Cove Explosion of the Sabot killing the crew

we can go all day long here with special Treatment of the Huge population market that is Rus and Chinese