Apache tail is fat yet comes off from light gun fire

A hollow aluminum tail should not explode on contact with a 7.62mm bullet passing through

It doesn’t fall off

I don’t know what your on but i have never had any 7.62mm round take off the tail of my Apache let alone anything else, sure the elevator might come off more easily than the tail at times but it isn’t an issue if it loses that, but even then it’s not something that falls off that easily, I could understand if you had a bunch of rounds put into the thing then knocking the tail out but that doesn’t happen with a single round.

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Sometimes large caliber APFSDS doesn’t do any damage to helicopter tails.I dont know how your tail broke with just a 7.62mm bullet

All I wrote was “It doesn’t”

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I remember the german lego helicopter chopping off my tail (ka-50 on top of this) with a few shots of 7.62

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