Apache Arrowhead, when and will we get it?

Welcome, topic of this post is Apache Arrowhead also know as M-TADS/PNVS.
Most Apaches in game uses first gen TADS/PNVS model

Expect JP AH-64DJP that is using M-TADS/PNVS model

Model change does nothing, as all optics have the same specifications.

So my question is, are we gonna get Apache Arrowhead on ingame AH-64s?

What is Arrowhead?
Arrowhead is a upgrade to the TADS/PNVS. In game it would consist of sensors upgrade, as maintance and turret reliability are irrelevant. When it comes to sensors main features are color day camera (irrelevant ingame), beter resolution for both day and night observation cameras (in game it would translate to gen 3 thermals, as all AH-64 use gen 2+ thermals, a unique ability to see lasers while in thermal view and different FoV compared to first gen TADS/PNVS with better electronic zoom.

Is this needed in game? It is not something with high priority of adding, and would require changes to multiple models in-game (and even adding a new mechanic if ability to see lasers is deemed worthy adding) but would be a nice QoL change, even for the better gen thermals and differned FoV with zoom.

Sourec I used. It is hard to find thing like a manual, most likely due to its classification, so i had to use
video about it on official Lockhead Martin youtube channel (it explains things 100x better than me)

And official Lockhead Martin site

That is all from me. I woud love to see what everyone think about it, and hopefully get an answear whether this will appear in-game.