[AOD] Angels of Death


Angels of Death - [AOD]

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a large, active, global gaming community?

AOD is a large, international, multi-gaming community with 20+ years of gaming success under our belts and 2000+ dedicated members across the globe. We support a multitude of different games, click here to view them.

We are a well-established, well-organized gaming community and we greet all players with a warm welcome.

War Thunder division of AOD:

- 300+ members in the war thunder division of AOD

- New to the game? We have many experienced players including level 100’s who can help you out.

- We cover all aspects of the game; planes, tanks, ships, helis

- Feeling competitive? We play squadron battles and have finished in the top 100 several times (not required to participate in).


- Age 16 or older

- Have a working microphone

- Level 8 or higher in-game

- Active with a good attitude

- Be on our TeamSpeak server while playing

How to apply:

Step 1 - Visit our website www.clanAOD.net .

Step 2 - Click the apply button to make your profile (or click here) .

- Please make your profile name match your in-game name.

Step 3 - After you made your AOD profile; click the apply here and select war thunder to submit an application to the war thunder division of the AOD (or click here) .

Feel free to join our discord:

ClanAOD.net - Angels of Death

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Been a member of AOD since 2016, they´ve been my family since.
We play all sorts of games and I can highly recommend checking our forums out and applying. :)

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AOD is always looking for new members! Check us out at clanaod.net!

Im closing in on 2 years of being a member of AOD myself. Kinda wish I found it sooner, such a great place for gaming with others.

Come and join us! AOD offers a fun and respectful environement to enjoy the game with friends.

Clan AOD welcomes new players. We are a casual and mature community that also support other games.

Visit us at clanaod.net

AOD is a place where you can meet and play with people from all around the world, with every level of skill and experience - from beginners to experts playing War Thunder since its beginning.

Been a member since 2019 and having been involved in online gaming since 1999, this is the best run outfit I’ve ever been a part of.

Definitely check out Clan AOD if you’re interested in joining a squadron.

I have been part of AOD since 2017. AOD has been part of War Thunder for over 10 years. It has been a great place to meet new friends and play alongside everyone from new players to veteran players. We play all aspects of the game and have friendly competitions amongst our members. AOD also supports 8 other games full-time and 12 misc. games to always give you people to play with.

Your dream online gaming home could be just a few clicks away, check us out at clanaod.net.

Always welcoming new members, come join us now.

Since 1999, still going strong! COme and join us!

Still open for recruitment.

AOD wishes everyone happy holidays.
As always, we are open for new members to join our ranks.

Happy New Year to everyone and good luck hunting.

We welcome players of all skills, we are community oriented.

Have been in the clan for almost 5 years. Great place. Come join us.

Have been with AOD since 2016 the only clan ill eber be in for warthunder great people great learning great place

It’s more fun to grind with friends. Come and join us!

Come join us! We have cookies… (Okay, not really. But, if we did, they would definitely not be oatmeal raisin!)