[AOD] Angels of Death

Bump. This is a really great clan filled with awesome ppl to play woth and help level no matter your playstyle

We welcome people of all skills.

Been with AOD since 2017. Great place to relax and have fun with fellow players. This year will be AOD’s 25th year as a gaming community.

Bump! One of the best clans I’ve been in. They’re a great bunch of ppl to play with and hang out with. Its more of a family then a clan

Been playing with this group for two years now, they’ve been a great help when I was getting started playing the game. Also, great conversationalists for those days where all your games are uptiers.

The War Thunder division for AOD was started 11 years ago this month. Event celebrating this will take place on 20th April and will also be streamed on our official stream channel.

Used to be an AOD back in WoT years ago. Just a question, you say in the original post 8+, but later it is mentioned you take new players. My highest br in WT is 7ish, nation GE. Would I still qualify?
Thanks in advance!

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8+ is the account level, which can be reached in a few hours easily. So yeah, I don´t think you have problems falling within requirements in that sense :)

100% Acceptable. We have many players who only play 3.7 to 8.7ish. Lots of fun vehicles in that range.

This clan is a great one for people just getting into the game. Lots of welcoming people and not too intimidating.

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Actively recruiting new players and those who want to acquire squadron vehicles. There’s always someone around if you have any questions.