Anyone Working on an post for the Jagaur GR.3A

I’m very much interested in seeing the jaguar gr3a added to game but don’t know how to make a post with the proper details and information

While I can’t say for certain if anyone is or isn’t the suggestion was never made on the old forums so there is a chance nobody has started yet. If you want to make a suggestion it’s best to first look over the rules on making a suggestion since it is very important to not use any unreliable sources like wikipedia as a primary source and if you want you can check out suggestions from the old forums if you need examples which I have included a link bellow, if you have any other questions I would PM a suggestion moderator.

Also one last thing, it’s also good to check on the old forums what suggestion were made before since its likely many of them that were made by people still on the forums will be posted on the new forums once the suggestion section is working again, that way you will be able to avoid making a suggestion on something somebody already has made and who plans on reposting, that doesn’t mean that all suggestion made on the old forums can’t be made by new users since not all might still play the game or go on the forums.