Anyone noticed an increase in weird shell behavior since the last update?

Have you noticed a change in shell behavior since the last patch?
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I’m talking about things like shells bouncing when they shouldn’t have, shell failing to penetrate or seemingly vanishing for no reasons, etc… Happens to both APFDS shells and HEAT shells. Example of APFDS shell failing to pen when it really should have:

My ping is at a constant 30ms so my connection ain’t the problem

Spookston latest video on the Turm also shows these issues with HEAT:

Check at 02:02 and 08:50 if you can’t watch the whole video, those are the most blatant example.

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Found the angle you hit:

Nah, the hit was further to the left:

The point your showing is only a nonpen at that very specific spot, not elsewhere on that plate:

And besides, even if I did hit that spot (and I did not), the ERA is supposed to only have 5mm of KE protection. It shouldn’t have stopped that shot.

It’s not the ERA that stopped it, it’s the corner of the mantlet after the ERA.

Yes I myself have noticed ghost shots, once again. In my Abrams SEP and my AIM the past few days I’ve had a few shots that just disappeared, a couple at fairly close range to the broadside of a tank. Nothing happened, no damage, no dust flying, no anything near the enemy. Just the sound of my barrel firing.

Haven’t experienced this in a long time until just recently.