Anyone know why the TDD has the engines sounds of a Centurion?

The TDD uses a Twin Turbo Diesel V8, Not a Meteor or something, so why does the vehicle have the engine sounds of a Centurions V12 Meteor, and not of something like a M60 or similar?

if anything it should have the same engine audio as the Olifant’s before it, As it uses the same basic engine, its just that the one in the TDD is just turned up to 11 to make all that extra HP.


A lot of engines in game use placeholder engine sounds, especially a lot of light vehicles. The Wiesel for example, has engine sound that in no way matches the rpm of the real engine. The engine is constantly revving and “changing gears” as long as you press W. Exact same engine sound and effect for Aubl 74, possibly R3 series and more.
Point is, the devs are probably just lazy and don’t want to put in the extra effort to make sure all tanks have realistic engine sounds.