Anyone else think the April Fool’s events should become accessible?

Kind of curious if there’ll be servers with April Fool’s events enabled.

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I would not mind playing some former events. How would they implement it though? Queue in a random or selecting one? Rewards?

Obviously there wouldn’t be rewards, it’d have to be merely a custom match scenario…

Why would it be obvious? War Thunder is the least rewarding (per activity level) game I know. So yes, these events should be rewarding. For example any RP gained there can be spent on any vehicle of choice.

But this wouldn’t be for the event, so any ‘rewards’ should literally not be there because you’re playing it out of the time it was available, and there’s no reason for you to get any award from it because it’s not a mode, nor is it to unlock anything.

The issue you have with the game unlocking slow has nothing at all to do with this suggestion.

Add a tab on the game mode roster. April fools events or events reloaded (someone clever think of something). There could be a lobby of players. Either queue into a random or select and wait for a specific event you like.

A an option to receive no rewards will be added.

Rewards will range from new/old April fools titles and a new April fools event trophy. It shall contain the usual SL, booster, orders, backups and a chance for former event drops such as player icons & decorations. Standard drop rates. No purchasable for GE or SL.

A new set of missions/challenges to revamp the former ones. Upon completing each mission, a trophy will be rewarded (repeatable). Additionally, useful actions pertaining to each unique event will reward players with a sum of SL and RP. Reward varies on how well you did.

Do I think events should become accessible? Yes. Will it happen? Undoubtedly not.

Not everyone managed to find the time/desire to play during, at least some of the April Fool’s periods, so I’d like an option to play them.

Lmao you really want those RPs :DDD

I think many people playing WT simply lack the perspective about the gaming industry, and how far Gaijin goes to monetize the game and alienate biological players (non b*ts).
The economical model is NOT normal. It’s an extreme form of P2MC. So I have no way to see calls to prolong the grind as anything but masochism and sadism.

You too. Remember Battlefield Play 4 Free that was more like Pay 4 Play every month? And look at Ubisoft and EA games today where you buy game for 60€ and they still put in microtransactions and grind.

The Sims 4 with all DLC costs 700€. And base game used to cost 40€ too.

Yea, absolutely won’t be getting rewards. If you missed out when they were active, then you should’ve been around.

Not to mention, even the actual events themselves don’t give rewards other than the grind for the event.

I haven’t played a single BF franchise game since BF3 on PC and BF4 on PS, and they were both amazing. Buy them at only a fraction of the cost of War Thunder, and I have all the content.
Their latest release - Battlebit, is even much cheaper.

Regarding SIMS, I have never played it. I also don’t think you’re supposed to buy all DLCs. But even if you do, that’s both an outlier and doesn’t exceed the cost of War Thunder.
I’m talking about the average game, not the extremes. I don’t think there are many games that are simultaneously equally as expensive as War Thunder, are multi-player focused, and are as antagonistic toward the player base.

I also don’t think you’re supposed to buy all DLCs.

You are not supposed to buy all premium vehicles but here we are. And WT is not expensive. All you really need is 50€ per YEAR for premium account. Rest are just extras. Not sure what is antagonistic, they replied to negative review with roadmap.

In rest you just described Ubisoft and EA games.

btw. did you noticed Rockstar annoucing port of 13 yo game to Switch and PS4 for 50€ today? xD

I think only person missing perspective is you…

I don’t think it’s a good idea to compare Gaijin to the worst companies in the business, in terms of business practices and community interaction.
Instead, try comparing it to the good ones, with the good products.

You said WT is bad game and when I told you there are worse companies now you want to change narrative and compare them with best ones xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

If you want to rant about Gaijin its fine but stop pretending you want to have normal discussion.