Anyone else think PUMA is mediocre?

Another skill issues thread, the 10.0 PUMA:

Crappy firing rate.

Big as f boi (also can’t hide for shit since the infrared-jammer is about 100 feet tall and always remain exposed when you tryna peek over the hill).

Always fireworks when you get hit in the turret which activates the blowout panels.

No ATGM like other IFVs in its br to nuke MBTs frontally.

A lot of RNGs trying to break the barrel or breech with the APFSDS depend on the angle of the barrel

1080p thermal vision

Quite mobile

Heli killer

Good sight zoom

Dammit bros, I can do better with BMP-3 at 10.0 than PUMA at 10.0, how do I play this thing aside from relying on 100% ambushes? you can’t expect to hide something this big and tall lmao


Well known fact. It’s also missing its spikes, IFVs are not designed to fight MBTs.

It is a very well armored IFV though so lowering its BR is not an option.


yeah even that sucks now…

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Puma is terrible. It has about 20 bugs and we get 1 bug fix a year.

Vilkas is 10x better.

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It isn’t “missing” spikes, there are those with and without them.

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It should have never come without them IMO. Marder 2 would be a better choice.


A lot of time I just feel hopeless in PUMA, especially when the enemy is already aware of my position, some T-80s can drive forward disrespecting me like I am the M22 locust lol. Many times when I get caught in such a situation I just wish I had the BMP-3/BMD-4 then a lot of things could have gone the other way. How do the spikes perform in this game? is it equal to or better than the tandem warheads the BMP-3 uses?

we should also have a choice to unequip the MUSS system as thats a HE magnet


Yeah I already got nuked by 292 when sitting behind the hill lol. Also the funny thing is, in arctic I have also intentionally peeked over the hill and exposed the MUSS so the enemy would shoot at it and allow my teammate to return fire, I also like the fact that it gave me a warning when I should back off.

id be happy to keep it if it worked as it should but… as it stands now… it doesnt so i dont want it…
i dont understand whats taking so long… im a Software engineer and i know they have MAWS in game so why not copy paste the code with a little adjustment smh

I think so, but BMP-3 player can control the missile, while spike can’t, you can’t ensure it will alway hit where you want, even with lock problem fixed.

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Yes there are PUMAs designed to engage armored targets and those that aren’t. If you were unaware, War Thunder is a video game with several different game modes. The game mode which the PUMA is included in is a PVP game mode where the objective is to kill enemy players who are controlling vehicles. This goes from Pre-WW2 to modern day. In the era whose BR in which the PUMA is placed the primary enemy vehicle that is present is well armored MBTs. As such it would be logical for the PUMA variant which is designed to engage armored targets be the one present, but what we have ingame is the one designed for infantry support.

Horribly unless the vehicle you’re controlling allows you to change the launcher elevation in which case they usually work as long as the target is beyond 150 meters.

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It’s well-armoured against most autocannons (although they can still kill the PUMA), but any MBT APFSDS round goes straight through. 10.0 is way too high of a BR considering its lack of ATGMs and firerate.
The mobility and turretless crew makes it pretty powerful in some scenarios, but unless they give it spikes and fix AHEAD rounds, I can’t see it being 10.0.
A BR of 9.7 seems to make more sense, as it would still face 8.7 MBT APFSDS rounds, but wouldn’t have to face 11.0 MBTs.



Give it ATGMs and move it to 10.7.

Why would it move up? The BMP-2M has missiles and is 10.0.

1- That’s a false equivalence and irrelevant to this topic, as PUMA is more armored and faster…
2- KF-41 is 10.7, and the Vilkas is 10.3.

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Simple you Don’t

right now at 10.0 its useless
even the normal bmp2 would be more effective then the puma on 10.0
and that mostly thanks to its fire rate and the atgm

the armor on the puma won’t save you except people aim for the parts where the crew isn’t otherwise you are dead which isn’t that hard…

right now the bagel is the better choice in 10.0 thanks to the fire rate of the 57mm and the proxy vs cancer 50 …

but funny how the bagel is just 0.7 under the 2s38 that does the same but better while having aphe and apfsds and irst or what its called :)

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My dyslexia made me read this differently lmao

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