Anyone else suddenly unable to find their "pending" suggestions?

So, I’ve had two recent suggestions “approved” but not actually posted to the forum. Now, I’m suddenly unable to find several suggestion posts I made that were not yet approved/disapproved, but are hidden from my personal page? Anyone else no longer able to find their “pending” topics in their profile?

Comment from a suggestion moderator:

Not what I’m referring to, I’m suddenly unable to see the “pending suggestions” I had for several weeks in my profile page. No emails were sent.

Likely they were denied.

All six? And without an email? You what I’m referring to right? The one that says “pending” when you’ve just submitted something.

Yeah, I had some suggestion that just disappeared. I dont think I got an email saying they were denied. Though check your spam folder. Your best bet is to PM a Suggestion mod to find out what happened

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thanks for the tip m8