Anyone else having this cool smoke bug?

where you deploy smoke, all it shows is a light bulb, smoke doesnt render. but the smoke effects are still there, so everyone inside the smoke is invisible to you.

its a really cool new feature in war thunder.

I’ve got the smoke visually displayed and no lightbulbs at all.

Do you have updated your GPU Driver?
Done a repair of your client after deleting the cache?

Anyway… Even if the smoke vanished / suspended , vehicles inside and next to it were still invisible additional 2-5 seconds on my end…

Updated Driver, 20-30ms ping… It’s up to the servers and Gaijin’s Spaghetti (network) Code.

funny thing is, im not even the one showing here, this is someone else who shares this bug.

Orbs! Just like on those “special” documentaries.

But no, not getting that from my nvidia.

updated drivers. restarted game. seem to have helped. atleast, in test drive it doesnt appear now.

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yup, i made a bug report about it!

Got that as well today. Also excessive flames around destroyed tanks. Weird enough it didn´t appear in test-drive.

well, whatever the case. updating drivers did the trick to me.

It was likely just our alien overlords observing the world. :P

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