Anyone else having a game braking bug atm? All imputs are frozen as soon as i click anywhere

I currently have a bug when playing war thunder. As soon as i load in to the hanger and click anything the game just breaks, the best way i can explain it is that when i click on say a tank in my lineup the game freezes my inputs. when i move my mouse it moves but cant interact with anything and all my buttons stop working as well. on top of that it somehows fucks up my windows key, like it just stops working partially, like i can click it once and the game stays on my screen but i cant interact with it anymore or move my mouse to my other monitor, only thing i can do is alt tab and force close war thunder. I have already verifyed my files and updated my drivers anyone got any other tips?

Apparently the update (EAC?) doesn’t agree with some third party overlays. This might even include if you have some kinds of I/O drivers, like “smart” mouse etc. The recommendation is to turn off anything you have running.

Ok did some testing and i dont have any third party overlays installed or running on my pc and the game ran ok for like 20 seconds and i could click stuff but then out of nowhere it just forze with no warning and with audio still playing

Do you have overwolf running while you are playing? If so force close it in task manager and see if that fixes it.

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i have the same issue as OP, i deleted overwolf completley but its still happening. I dont know how to fix it and its been like this since yesterday.

Check again that it’s actually not reinstalled or reactivated.

And what other overlays may you have?

Like, fully check task manager and see that there’s nothing in there that alludes to anything ‘different’.

i completley removed overwolf from my pc now and its working again Thank you, i was just confused because i never set anything for warthuder, just for valorant so i thought that its not overwolfs problem.

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Good to know you got it going :)