Anyone else disappointed in the april fools event?

True the assets are there apart from the new assets but it would have been nice if they parodied it for both.

The event sucks dick because of its grinding system. The first day still fun. Now we are barely on hte second day, it turns into a camp feast where people who got enough parts from day-1 has an unmatched advantage over others.

Played 1 game today, what a shit show… Not gonna try any further, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!


I dont’t blame the game for not having personal time to play due to work. But I do blame the game design for when I have the time to try at night, I can no longer have fun because those who played before me has now an almost unbeatable advantage. What is worse is that those people with advantage choose to camp the shit out new comers. Again, I dont blame thses people, I blame this shit system design that forces all of us into such a situation.