Any tips on how to play the P-63

Does anybody know how to use the P-63?? Every time I take this plane out, I just lose SL. I try boom and zooming, doesn’t work, I try dogfighting, doesn’t work, I’ve even tried reversals, IT DOESN’T WORK. This plane is honestly garbage. I can use literally any other American plane at similar BRs (except bombers). But this one falls apart as soon as it’s hit, can’t do any damage, has vastly different velocities between weapons, can’t manoeuvre, can’t go fast. HOW DO I PLAY IT.

Don’t. Don’t play it. I grinded most of USA rank 4 and my first 2 jets, the event su25 and the f3d-1 with the ad-4. If you find a plane you excel with, use it to grind.

I don’t really want to grind, I have the British tree up to 12.3 and now I just want to get better with certain planes I struggle with. But I cannot for the life of me understand the Kingcobra, I see others doing so well with it but I can’t get it down

Don’t sweat it man. Not knowing how to play a handful of aircraft in a tech tree with more famous and honestly cooler aircraft at the same br isn’t a big problem. Try the AD-4. Climb a bit, up to around 2000m usually and head on a ju 288. Then go into a shallow dive to the base you are going to bomb (use the 1000 pound mines) (once u get bombs), bomb and then ground pound (skip to ground pounding cuz u stock) If there are enemy aircraft, fight them. 4 20mm can do damage, you would know considering you’ve played spitfires. Very solid aircraft too, I’ve survived getting half or 2/3 of a wing shot off with lots of lesser damage to other parts of the plane, and made it to airfield. Hope this helps. PS you can apply this to the am-1 too but I like the ad-4 more. PPS skip the ad-2 just buy it don’t crew it it is awful. Plus it’s good in ground because of the 56 FFAR you can get.

Honestly yeah, though one thing I forgot to mention is that I thoroughly enjoy the French Kingcobra and I can use that well.

Honestly can’t be bothered grinding the striker line, I only have the A-36 for it, and would rather research more US jets than waste time on strikers

Thanks for the help though!

Maybe they mix some champagne into the fuel? Maybe it’s that you are facing different aircraft bc of matchmaker. Maybe it’s because it’s a different modification or br? Tbh idk, but i had the same thing with the p51c and p51h.

I don’t know what the issue is. I have a LOT of issues with stuff like this.

Take the P-51/Mustang 1A. I can use the Mustang 1A but not the P-51, they are the exact same bar the paint scheme, same as P-51C-10/C-11, same problem, I can use the premium one but not the tech tree one.

U mean 20mm p51? If so I think it has to do with what you go up against. Ofc you probably won’t face spitfires or mosquitos in the mk1a, but you would in the p51c.

Yes I do mean the 20mm P-51. I know Britain is often on different teams to the US,
But with the C variant problem they are almost always on the same team, but I have vastly different experiences.

Do you usually have a gap in time between playing the same plane in different tt? Maybe it is because you got slight or full up tiers in one , or you just happened to face more skilled players. Try playing the mustang mk1a then the p51, maybe you will do better.

I mean, since I got the premium versions I barely ever play the tech tree ones, but I mean, with over 500 battles combined with all four, I think I can say it isn’t just a case of “full uptier”. I know I’m not the best player ever, I’m really quite average, but this skill difference between them confuses me

So the whole issue is US teams being absolute horseshit and a P63 getting rinsed by all the Russian, German, or Japanese stuff at that BR? If you want to fly a retarded clubber P63, then use the US A5 at 3.3 and stomp all over 2.3-2.7s while combing your hair backwards and feeling good about yourself)

That’s… the main one I have issues with

That’s… interesting I guess… It’s very undertiered.

I was thinking, since you mentioned the French one, that you meant the US A-10/C-5… They are pretty different planes in performance as the A-5 doesn’t have that cracked engine performance under 2000m. I think the P63 A-10 is actually a nice plane to fly, a less retarded P39 :P

But no P63 is great up high, and they have terrible prop efficiency at low speed (you aren’t going to be fighting someone semi decent in the vertical)

Alright, well I was just wondering if it was worth my time trying to learn it or not, I have the same issue with the P-39s but I can’t be bothered since they’re pretty much the same

Learning something you struggle with is never a waste of time

Good point. Thanks!

I never say a plane or a vehicle is unplayable, just learning how to play with it might take longer.
P-63 is a nightmare to fight against when it has energy and keeps you in a loop. Boom and zoom is the way to go, with practice you can aim that 37mm cannon for 1-taps when zooming. Turnfighting in it is risky as you bleed a lot of energy and as others have mentioned earlier, that plane does not perform well in low energy compared to others (eg. zeroes and spits).

I can show I play with it if you wanna squad up.


I’m definitely down to squad one day, maybe tomorrow depends when I’m on

add me and we can do a few matches